What are Organic Sanitary Pads and Their Benefits?

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In Brief: What are Organic Sanitary Pads and their Benefits?

Organic sanitary pads are sanitary pads made with safe, natural ingredients that do not harm human health, animals, and ecosystems. These pads are comfortable, breathable, and hypoallergenic. It does not cause skin irritation and inflammation, as they are devoid of harsh chemicals. Overall, it is safer for humans and cleaner for the environment.

With advancements in science, it is necessary to educate women about the right sanitary products that protect both health and the environment.

Organic sanitary pads are pads made with biodegradable materials that are gentle, safe on the skin, and safe for the environment.

This article will showcase the necessity and benefits of organic sanitary pads.

What are Organic Sanitary Pads?

Most women of the reproductive age use regular sanitary pads during their menstrual cycle.

However, these conventional pads are made of non-biodegradable plastic materials and dumping or burning these pads pose an environmental threat.

It may clog the sewage systems, water bodies, and refills in which it will sit for years.

One of the ways to overcome this environmental issue is to switch to organic sanitary pads.

Organic sanitary pads are soft, thin, dry, breathable, and comfortable pads made from non-chemical and biodegradable materials.

It includes materials like cellulose, wood pulp, and plant starch grown without any chemicals or fertilizers.

Organic pads are not bleached in chlorine, digoxin, and other harsh chemicals.

Exposure to these chemicals may cause immune system damage, ovarian cancer, impaired fertility, and inflammatory disease.

Therefore, when using organic pads, the skin is not exposed to harmful chemicals and is safer for maintaining personal hygiene.

Some organic pads come with eco-friendly, disposable bags, and reduce the hassle of newspaper or plastic bags to dispose of used pads making a positive impact on the earth’s health.

It can be used like regular sanitary pads. Remove the adhesive, stick to the underwear, and wear when required. However, it may be pricier than conventional pads.

Like standard pads, it is advisable to change organic pads at regular periods to avoid infections.

Benefits of organic sanitary pads

Organic sanitary pads are incredibly thin, comfortable to wear, breathable, super absorbent, chemical-free, and rash-free.

Organic pads are more breathable

Regular sanitary pads have plastic material that may not allow the skin to breathe. Organic pads are made of absorbable cellulose material and an organic cotton cover that helps the skin to breathe.

Organic pads are more comfortable

Most of the synthetic pads are perforated, a little bumpy, and maybe uncomfortable to wear. Since the outer cover of organic pads is made of cotton, they may be very comfortable and won’t show under the garments.

Reduce the chance of irritation and allergy

Conventional pads may release volatile organic compounds and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. These chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and may cause skin irritation, allergic reactions.

Organic pads do not contain dyes, chlorine, bleaches, or harmful chemicals like regular pads. It may be safer for women who have susceptible skin and reduce the chance of irritation and allergy.

Safer for the environment

Organic pads use less water and energy for manufacturing. As the organic sanitary pads are made of mostly cotton and biodegradable material, they take less time to decompose and reduce the carbon footprint.

Regular pads may take hundreds of years to decompose. Therefore, switching to organic sanitary pads may be safer for the environment.

Check out this video about the benefits of an organic sanitary pad made from the banana plant –


Organic sanitary pads can be an environmentally friendly, chemical-free, sustainable alternative to regular conventional pads.

It may be a companion for a comfortable, plastic-free, rash-free, and irritation-free period.