How Long Does it Take Ashwagandha to Work?

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In Brief: How Long Does it Take Ashwagandha to Work?

The various scientific studies reported that ashwagandha capsules might take different time to show its effect depending on the individual’s health. For example, most of the anxiety studies used 300mg of ashwagandha twice a day for at least a month to have a beneficial impact. However, for boosting fertility, a high dose of 5g of ashwagandha for three months is required.

Several studies have shown that ashwagandha has antistress, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, and helps with different neurological disorders.

The time taken for ashwagandha to act depends on other factors, including dosage, the lifestyle of the individual, and various conditions for which it is used.

Studies showed that ashwagandha was effective in reducing stress and anxiety between 12 weeks to three months.

A prospective study showed that 300mg of high-concentration ashwagandha capsule taken twice daily showed a significant reduction in stress scores on day 60.[1]

The administration of ashwagandha at the rate of 5g/day to infertile individuals showed a positive effect after three months. There was a decrease in the levels of stress, antioxidants, and semen quality.[2]

Employees with moderate to severe anxiety showed a decrease in the Beck Anxiety Inventory after the administration of ashwagandha for 12 weeks.[3]

A placebo-controlled trial showed that at six weeks, the extract of ashwagandha showed a reduction in anxiety scores.[4]

Studies showed that ashwagandha treatment for 30 days reduced blood glucose levels.

A randomized controlled trial showed that 400mg of ashwagandha capsule thrice daily for one month showed a significant reduction in fasting blood glucose levels.[5]

In another study, the administration of ashwagandha powder for 30 days significantly decreased serum cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL levels.[6]

Ashwagandha treatment for three months inhibited reduced oxidative stress and improved sperm count, motility in infertile men.[7]

It may treat fertility issues within three months of administering 5g of ashwagandha.

The daily supplementation of ashwagandha for eight weeks may show an increase in muscle mass and strength.

A study showed that 500mg per day of ashwagandha increased velocity, power, and maximum oxygen consumption in participants after eight weeks.[8]

Another study also showed similar effects that eight weeks supplementation of ashwagandha significantly increased muscle mass and strength when used in conjunction with a resistance training program.[9]

In a study, the adults with mild cognitive impairment showed significant improvement in memory, executive function, sustained attention, and information- processing speed after supplementing 300mg of ashwagandha twice daily.[10]

In another study, 250mg of ashwagandha capsules twice a day for 14 days showed improvements in choice discrimination, digit vigilance, card sorting tests, and simple reaction in healthy male participants.[11]

The different studies indicate that a full-spectrum ashwagandha capsule can begin to work from two weeks to three months. It depends on the dose of ashwagandha used, the condition for which it is administered, and an individual’s lifestyle.

Therefore, more studies are required in the future to determine the various mechanisms of ashwagandha and the time needed for it to treat different conditions.