How Do Menstrual Cups Work?

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In Brief: How do Menstrual Cups Work?

Menstrual cups are flexible cups inserted into the vagina canal folded and placed below the cervix. Once correctly positioned, it pops open, forms a seal against the vaginal wall, and sits there. It collects the menstrual fluid coming out from the cervix. The cup is removed by gently pinching the base of the cup and emptied the contents.

A menstrual cup is a small, flexible cup that collects menstrual flow during menstruation. It is claimed to be an eco-friendly alternative to conventional pads and tampons.

The popularity and use of menstrual cups are rising, and women must know how the menstrual cup works to understand its benefits. In this article, we will discuss how does a menstrual cup works.

How do Menstrual Cups Work?

Menstrual cups are made of health-grade, non-toxic silicone or latex rubber and reduce the risk of infections, allergies, and rashes.

It comes in different sizes with different holding capacities and colors. Most cups have air holes that help the cup get a good seal and stay suctioned.

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Choose the right menstrual cup

The biggest challenge is finding the menstrual cup of the right size for which it is necessary to know your body.

For example, after giving birth, the cervix may have changed. Wash the hands and get to know the cervix’s position to understand how much room is there for the menstrual cup.

Position the menstrual cup inside the vaginal canal

Before the period, fold the menstrual cup using the preferred method and insert it into the vagina with the folded side first.

It should sit up below the cervix in the vaginal canal but not right against the cervix.

The cervix will stop the cup from going anywhere other than the vaginal canal. If the cup sits too high, one might experience leakage. The stem should be entirely inside the vagina.

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Catch the menstrual fluids

The menstrual cup pops and rests against the walls of the vagina.

It forms a seal against the vaginal walls by suctioning around the cervix and sits there.

It is securely held in place by the pelvic muscles. It then collects the menstrual fluids leaving the uterus.

It can hold up to 10-38ml of blood. Due to the vacuum, the menstrual fluid won’t contact the air and therefore doesn’t smell.

Remove and empty the menstrual fluids.

The cup should be emptied every 4 to 12 hours, depending on the user’s flow.

When it is full, sit in a comfortable position, remove the cup by pinching the base to break the seal, and pulling it carefully.

The pelvic floor muscles can be used to push the cup down and out. Empty the contents, clean, and sanitize the cup for next use.

Check out these educative videos to understand how to use and how a menstrual cup works:


The menstrual cup could be an eco-friendly product to maintain menstrual hygiene.

Increasing awareness and easing the product’s availability may help increase the use of a menstrual cup.