Do Underarm Sweat Pads Really Work? (Fact Based)

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Do underarm sweatpads work?

In Brief: Do Underarm Sweat Pads Work?

Underarm sweat pads made of breathable materials absorb sweat and prevent sweat stains on the clothes. They do work as long as these pads stay in place and make socializing comfortable. Sometimes, it becomes awkward when it comes out of place and gets stuck somewhere or falls out. The use of underarm sweat pads is, therefore, a personal choice.

There is one antiperspirant product, underarm sweat pads, that has risen in popularity.

These sweat pads are designed to absorb the sweat, reduce the wet marks, and protect the clothing from sweat stain marks.

In this article, we will take a look at do these underarm sweat pads work.

Do Underarm Sweat Pads Work?

Underarm sweat can be embarrassing in public places, and sweat pads may absorb the sweat.

It comes in two types, washables, disposables and can be stuck to clothes or directly to the skin. Most pads have an adhesive that can be removed and stuck, and some have elastic arm straps that could be worn.

Underarm sweat pads are good for someone who cant use antiperspirants

The underarm sweat pads are mostly made of absorbent and breathable fiber material.

Sometimes, they may have the vinyl lining that is sweat repelling and gives additional protection to the clothes.

As long as it does not have any harsh chemicals, it works perfectly for someone who can not tolerate antiperspirants to conceal the foul odor and prevent staining of clothes.

Underarm sweat pads work as long it stays in place

As long the pads stay in place, they will work and stop the sweat from the underarms getting into the shirt.

Sometimes, adhesive pads can come off and get stuck somewhere inside the shirt or may fall out of the shirt.

While using the underarm sweat pads that are stuck to the skin, it may be uncomfortable to rip the adhesive from the armpit every day.

Underarm sweat pads won’t work if wearing tight or loose clothing

While wearing tight clothes, these sweat pads may be visible and make the individual embarrassing.

It may not absorb all the sweat if wearing loose clothes as it does not sit close to the armpits. It may not work for people with sensitive skin and hyperhidrosis.


Overall, underarm sweat pads are a great option to reduce the sweat stains on your dress as long as they stay in place.

It may work great for light sweaters. In the end, it is a personal choice, and be cautious about choosing sweat pads made of breathable material.