Do Organic Pads Make a Difference?

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In Brief: Do organic pads make a difference?

When an individual wants to make environmental-friendly choices, support sustainable farming, and avoid harsh chemicals, switching to organic pads makes a difference. It is more breathable with no plastics, chemicals, and lessens the chance of skin irritation and allergies. As it can decompose easily, it doesn’t pollute the environment.

Organic sanitary pads are made using natural ingredients, including 100% cotton, compostable wood pulp, bamboo, and plant starch.

There is a significant rise in the popularity of organic pads in the market, but there is less awareness of whether these pads make a difference and worth the price.

In this article, we will discuss if organic sanitary pads work efficiently to make a difference.

Do Organic Pads Make a Difference?

Many people have started going for organic pads as a personal choice and safety.

As the organic pads are more breathable, they are more hygienic and comfortable to use. They also indirectly impact society and the environment as a whole.

The use of natural biodegradable materials lessens the chance of allergy and irritation

The organic pads are made of absorbent, non-carcinogenic, and biodegradable materials, including organic cotton, bamboo, and plant starch. It keeps the sensitive area dry by locking the menstrual fluid.

Therefore, reusable pads are soft, gentle to the skin, and the skin is protected from rashes, irritation, and harsh chemicals exposure.

Organic sanitary pads reduce the chance of infections

Organic sanitary pads contain unbleached cotton and bamboo and do not contain harsh chemicals like bleach and digoxins used in conventional pads. Some of these harsh chemicals are carcinogens, allergens, and endocrine disruptors.

As the vagina is highly absorbable, these chemicals may get absorbed into the bloodstream and pose a health risk.

Organic pads, therefore, prevents the risk of UTI and cervical cancer due to harsh chemicals.

Organic pads are better for the environment

Organic pads decompose faster as they are made from environmentally-friendly materials using sustainable farming practices that consume less energy and water.

They won’t release toxic fumes polluting the air, clogging the water systems, and ending up as land refills.

They also reduce the carbon footprint. As harmful pesticides and herbicides are not used, dangerous chemicals do not enter the waterways and protect soil life.


Organic sanitary pads make a difference if looking for pads that have better effects on both the body and the environment.

However, irrespective of whether they are organic or conventional, pads have to be changed regularly to avoid infections.