Do Menstrual Cups Hurt?

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In Brief: Do Menstrual Cups Hurt?

If the menstrual cup is of the wrong size, not appropriately inserted, its stem is too long for anatomy and pushed far till it reaches the cervix, it may hurt and cause pain. If the problem persists even after inserting the correct size menstruation cup correctly, discontinue the use and seek medical practitioners’ advice.

A menstrual cup is a flexible cup made of silicone and latex rubber that women can insert into the vagina to collect their menstrual flow.

However, the menstrual cup may be painful if not inserted properly, and this article will discuss different scenarios when a menstrual cup may be hurtful.

If properly placed, the menstrual cup should not hurt, and most people forget that they have a menstrual cup because the silicone in it warms up to match the body’s heat.

The menstrual cup may hurt or cause discomfort when inserting for the first time. However, with practice, the insertion of the menstrual cup may not be painful.

It may hurt if the sensitivity or anatomy of the body doesn’t accommodate the menstrual cup. If the menstrual cup is pushed too far till it hits the cervix or wearing a cup of the wrong size, it may be painful.

If you are continuously experiencing pain using a menstrual cup, it is advisable to contact the doctor to ensure everything is in order.

Check out this educative video for more information on how a menstrual cut may hurt:


The menstrual cup may not hurt if appropriately placed. Some reasons why a menstrual cup could be hurting are the wrong size, lengthy stem for the vagina, improper insertion, and sensitivity of the body.

With practice, the insertion of a menstrual cup may be easy.