Can I Put a Normal Conditioner on My Beard?

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In Brief: Can I put a normal conditioner on my beard?

No, normal conditioner on beard is not a great idea. The regular hair conditioner may dry out the beard hair and irritate the facial skin as the beard hair is coarser and skin beneath is softer compared to hair on the head. As the beard conditioner has ingredients specifically to nourish the beard hair and manage the beard’s oil content, it is preferable to use them.

Beard needs grooming and moisturization to prevent the hair from getting brittle and wiry. If not taken proper care of, the beard’s skin may become dry, flaky, itchy, causing beardruff.

Most men prefer to use a hair conditioner for the beard for many reasons. It may be cost, convenience, or the thought that hair on the head and beard is the same.

However, there are differences between scalp hair and facial hair.

Beard hair is a type of androgenic hair that begins to grow at puberty and in response to testosterone levels. Also, the beard hair tends to be coarser and curlier from the regular hair on the head.

The beard skin has fewer oil glands and is softer than the scalp of hair. Therefore, a beard scalp may need a gentler wash.

The typical hair conditioner may not be enough to moisturize the beard hair. It may dry the beard hair and irritate the skin.

Beard conditioner has specific nutrients and vitamins for nourishing the beard hair and skin beneath. So it is preferable to use a beard conditioner for the beard.

Always use a beard conditioner with soothing natural ingredients. It is advisable to consult a doctor if experiencing any skin irritation.