Are Organic Sanitary Pads Really Safe (and better) ?

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In Brief: Are Organic Sanitary Pads Safe?

Not all organic pads are created equal. Organic sanitary pads made of cotton from cheap fibers, including polyester, nylon, and blend, may cause itchiness, allergies, and infections. Therefore, organic pads made of 100% unbleached cotton, plant starch, bamboo fiber, banana fiber, and cellulose are preferable. It may cause infections if worn for a longer period and may be expensive.

Organic sanitary pads are made of biodegradable materials, including compostable cellulose, plant starch, and unbleached cotton.

They are a safer alternative as they are not bleached with substances like chlorine.

However, few sanitary pads marketed as organic contain cheap inorganic materials, which can be harmful.

In this article, we will discuss whether organic sanitary pads are safer.

Are organic sanitary pads safe?

Organic sanitary pads are more hygienic, comfortable to use, and environmentally friendly as they take less time to decompose.

However, it may have a few cons, including

May cause infections if worn for a long time

Organic sanitary pads should be changed at regular intervals, just like regular pads. It may cause infections if worn for long periods.

May have unnatural ingredients (case of wrong marketing)

Most organic pad manufacturers claim that they offer all-natural pads, but many have only the top sheet of the napkin natural.

Most modern cotton is made out of fibers, including polyester, nylon, and blend, as organic cotton takes a lot of energy to produce.

Using cotton pads made of rayon over time causes itchiness, redness, and infections.

May be expensive

Organic sanitary pads are more expensive than conventional pads. Therefore, not all women can invest in organic pads. The cost of a biodegradable pad may act as a deterrent and prevents its use on a larger scale.

Lack of awareness and availability

Most of the sanitary pad users are not aware of organic sanitary pads’ availability as it is not easily accessible.


Organic sanitary pads made of cheaper inorganic materials may cause skin irritation, allergies, and infections.

Therefore, always buy organic sanitary pads that are fragrance-free and made of pure plant-based materials.

The spread of awareness about organic sanitary pads and its easy accessibility is required in the future.